likes: dogs and punk songs
dislikes: injustice racism and a lack of dogs


If people are really going to assume that guys with long hair are gay and girls with short hair are lesbians then I am going to assume that all bald men are actually eagles.



im fucking dying


90-year-old Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein was arrested in St. Louis (Near Ferguson) for speaking out against police brutality

you’re so cold, haru. we haven’t seen each other in ages!



"I’m sick of how bisexuality is erased in LGBT spaces. I get really nervous before any LGBT event, especially Pride. I feel incredibly sad and hopeless when gay and lesbian people call me insulting names. If gay and lesbian people don’t understand me – Continue reading Prejudice at Pride at Empathize This

This just punched me in the heart.

Thinking social anxiety is cute is like saying:



Excessive sweating is cute.
Dry mouth is cute.
Physically shaking is cute.
Blacking out is cute.
Nausea is cute.
Heart palpitations are cute.
Chest pain is cute.
Shallow breathing is cute.
Hot flushes are cute.
Forgetting how to talk is cute.
Humiliating yourself is cute.

It’s not adorable little shy giggly girls with pretty skirts & flowers in their hair.

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okay, but - people that are saying gerard shouldn’t play mcr songs live. a) he doesn’t have much else to play, b) they are his songs toohe wrote them too. they are just as much a part of him as they are the other members. obviously it won’t be the same, and i’m sure he doesn’t expect it to be, but saying that he can’t play his own songs live is literally the  biggest load of shit i’ve ever heard 


The Wonder Years // Dismantling Summer